Life as an Real Estate Agent in France

I have a great house for sale but in order not to draw attention to it the elderly onwer has left the original dilapidated shutters in place. From the road it looks like an old barn, but it’s amazing once you get behind the shutters. High ceilings, large rooms, lovely traditional fireplace. The house also has the most amazing woodland filled with edible mushrooms and ferns. 1 hour before viewing I got lost in a field apparently the Sat Nav was still half a sleep as it was so early. Then the electricity  company turned off the electric for urgent repairs. Panic set in but after calling Elwin to pray, I found my way out of the field and the nice post lady in the lane  told me how to find the house. Just minutes before we arrived at the house the electricity came back. Yippee.  My client loved the house and has gone away to think about it, better hurry as it won’t be around long at this price.


About richerlife1

Relationship Expert and Relationship Coaching Husband and wife team providing unique service to couples to help them achieve the love, peace and respect they want in a relationship. Also now a French Estate Agent
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