its been over a year and so much has happened in France. I am still learning French after an arduous stint at Poitiers University, where most of the students in my class where 18-21 from China. They spoke several languages but avoided English so for the first time in France I knew what it was like to be the odd one out. One asked what a mortgage was during the role play of buying a hous!!!!  5 hours a day and no English spoken should be fluent in French after that but I put it down to age. Plus it was only one term. Anyway I am not giving up. Then I got a new job in April as an Estate Agent exciting, challenging, and full on. After a week taking pics of houses tonight I came home and made 9 jars of Pasta sauce for the winter. We have tomatoes coming out of our ears if that’s possible, desperately trying not to waste them, but eating tomatoes everday  the novelty has worn off even if they are as sweet as sugar. Will post pics when I find the widget to attach them. Just found the widget











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Relationship Expert and Relationship Coaching Husband and wife team providing unique service to couples to help them achieve the love, peace and respect they want in a relationship. Also now a French Estate Agent
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