Kestrels, neighbours and markets not your typical Saturday

7:30 am woken up by our resident Kestrel who returned from her winter holiday to nest. She is very upset as there is scaffolding blocking her summer home.

10:00 am  rush to market  as we are always arriving just before closing. As we drive down our lane we are waved down by the neighbours who invite us for aperitifs . With language issue s we finally agree to meet at adjourd’hui  midi.  The rest of the morning is spent in panic as to how on earth we are going to manage they don’t speak English and few French people understand my French.

great produce at the market we get veggies galore for my health kick, smoked hareng and smoked Chauvigny truite.

12:00 noon  off to the neighbours  language barrier was irrelevant lovely elderly couple with a wicked sense of humour, they even opened a bottle of Champagne to welcome us.  As we left we where presented with fresh eggs from  their lively chickens. Not sure why I was so worried about lack of language skills.

4pm – while outside enjoying the spring sun  another neighbour goes by , we ‘chat’ she says  that it’s a shame I don’t speak French , I understand that much and I agree. Feeling a bit helpless I offer to walk with her back home. So off we go hand in hand down the lane back to her house, like two school girls, but she is 85 and I am …….

On my way back I thought this is how I  imagined French Saturdays should be, markets and neighbours but this is the first time it has ever happened.












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