One a Day

Failure only happens when you stop, that is an encouragement for me to keep going when things get tough.  This year I decided not to set any goals.  Previously I have set goals met some and missed others.  This year I wanted a new approach. No goals set just had a general idea of where I need to be in June and a more hazy idea of December.  In between I worked out that if I did just one thing a day towards my idea I should arrive at sometime in the near future.  So how does it work just pick one thing a day to execute no matter how small and do it.  The pressure is removed and you feel that you have accomplished a small victory.  Walk with me through the next few months as we take this journey together.  Today’s one a day was to restart this blog. That’s done, feeling good

Will be away from the blog for a four days but will up date on my return.

Let me know your one a day and how you are getting on and whether you feel lighter with out the list of to do’s.



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Relationship Expert and Relationship Coaching Husband and wife team providing unique service to couples to help them achieve the love, peace and respect they want in a relationship. Also now a French Estate Agent
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