French and Family

Just had a fabulous time in France in mid Pyrenees region. Great views, great food and great learning.  Learnt a lot about slowing down and just relaxing.  Firstly time was just part of the day which would pass slowly if you let it.  No rushing to appointments, no mad rush to work, no rushing to shops.  I am not taking about us but about the french, even at 9.30 am on a Thursday morning there was no rush hour traffic (apparently there are traffic jams in the summer when we English descend by the truck load, obviously we like to feel at home wherever we are).   Time was spent with family and friends long warm evenings spent just catching up and connecting.  Most people seemed to work at home or very close to home, no two hour commute for them.  How do they achieve that refreshing balance of family, friends and food first and work second.  I believe it is about choice, I am told that we have the life we have because of the choices we made in the past.  If that is correct we all need (including myself) to be making some better choices now which will serve us well in the future.  You do not need to move to France to get the balance right but we do need to take note of how they prioritise and model their example.  Is there anyone out there already achieving the balance?


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