Roles and Recipes

Last year when travelling we had the pleasure of staying with a number of friends and family around the world. One thing both Elwin and I noticed was that the couples that seemed most content was the ones where the female was a real foodie, cooking great dishes, making up recipes, loved being in the kitchen, took pride in the presentation etc. These were all modern women some with kids, some without. I began to wonder is there something in the traditional roles. I decided to take note but I have found it is not easy finding the time to cook great meals daily as well as the other things which are a must do. However, maybe it has something to do with priorities, those woman are putting family before finance, maybe I need to work less and cook more. Seriously I think this is a lesson to us all.


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  1. Debbie Anna Mezzarobba says:

    Dear Janice

    I hope I am one of those amazing modern women you talked about in your bog. I am a foodie always have been I grow up in a house of foodie where eating was not just for nourishment but for much more. Each night we sat down around the table and had dinner together as a family, and on weekend ends this took place at breakfast/ brunch or lunch. Depending on what was happening that day. It was a social time a time was we would get caught up in what was happening in each others lives. More then once there would be another relative, or friend or two sitting with us enjoying the conversation and the meal. The food was simple and healthy. My mom didn’t work outside the house, but she share did her share of work in house. Your right Janice, if you’re going to try and cook each night if you have a job good luck. One of the things I learned from my mother and have expanded on has been, if you’re going to make 1 lasagna make two and put one in the freezer. That goes for any type of casserole or dish. Takes just a little more time and there you have another one for when you don’t have the time. What I like to do and a few of my friends have also adopted this plain is put aside a day for cooking. For the week I make up a soup, and usual two dishes of some kind, say a chicken pot pie and a quiche. Along with one or two side dishes, cracked wheat say and a broccoli and cauliflower salad. Both keep well and as they marinate in the dressing they improve with flavor. These are also other things I find helpful, when I get a cut of meet say for a stir fry I am going to have I slice the meet ahead of time add the marinating ingredients and either pop it in the fridge or freezer depending on when I am going to have it for dinner. The reason I do all this is so that during the week when things get hectic, all I have to do is either make up some rice add a salad of greens and there is a great meal waiting for my family as we sit around the table talking about or day sharing our lives. Weather you’re the women or man that stays home to help with the running of things, there is something to say about hart and home. Long ago I decide I was only going to work part time, yes that meant not having as much income, but that also gave me the freedom to live more simple, concentrate on what was really important and enterable!

    Debbie Anna Mezzarobba

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