Relationships & Roles

The discussion on who does what literally rolls on in our house. Our course teaches that you discuss roles before you share the same space. It is great advice but just like any advice it can always be improved. I have found that starting out it is best to agree some guides as to who does what but as time goes on you both tend to naturally fall in to roles and certain jobs seem to gravitate towards one of you, be flexible go with the flow, the accountant may not necessarily be the best money manager. On Saturday I tried to fix a pipe with some plumbers putty even taking careful instruction from my lovely husband it just ended in a sticky messy. His idea was that my arm would fit in the hole better than his, however, he assumed that I would know what to do once I had stuck my arm in the hole but that was not so my fingers ended up stuck together in a sticky mess and my wedding ring was also covered . On this one we decided that he will stick to the plumbing and  will stick to painting walls -that is one thing I can do. Life is about learning so make each day a new experience.


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Relationship Expert and Relationship Coaching Husband and wife team providing unique service to couples to help them achieve the love, peace and respect they want in a relationship. Also now a French Estate Agent
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3 Responses to Relationships & Roles

  1. Debbie Anna Mezzarobba says:

    Great to hear some smiple usefule information about relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • richerlife1 says:

      Hi Debbie Anna

      It was refreshing to read your comment sometimes we want to have it all, without making any sacrifices, I believe you are right, the trade off of a lower salary for a more time spent with friends and family is priceless. How many memories do you hold in your head of a great day at work, as opposed to the 000’s of memories I have of great times spent with family and friends. Last year our trade off was to go without salary for 6 months so we could see the world costly, but sure was worth it, it also bought Elwin and I closer as friends as well as strengthening our relationship. Priceless

  2. Mina Parmar says:

    Thanks- I also find that agreeing your roles beforehand in a safe loving manner when you are both relaxed helps too rather than leaving it implied until the crisis actually happens and all too often hearing cries like “well that’s the mans job!”

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